Mrs. Miwako’s Kitchen Towels

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”Mrs. Miwako's Kitchen Towels“

Choose from 3pc, 12pc, 30pc!

Mrs. Miwako's Kitchen Towel is a high-end table-top Kitchen towels that cleans dirty tables and kitchen area.

Made tough and absorbent with great technology in Japan. Uses carefully picked rayon strings to precisely weave to make each cloth.

▶︎ Since 1976
▶︎ Made in Japan
▶︎ Last for years if kept clean
▶︎ 8 Layers of 100% rayon cloth for toughness and absorbancy
▶︎ Stays white after repeated use
▶︎ Over 40 Years of Quality Improvement

8 layers of the weaved clothes are layered on top each other which makes a durable stain-absorbent kitchen towel.

This towel manufacturer in Japan has been continuously creating and improving techniques meticulously to bring the best quality to all US households since 1976.

This 40 years of experience and quality improvement will surely bring all kitchen users with happiness and pleasure.


40年前にアメリカに進出し成功した日本の「クリンネル社」のMrs. Miwako's Kitchen Towels。ハワイの大手薬局でも販売されている大人気商品。地元の主婦の多くはこの名前をよく知っている。